A Very Vegas Wedding


October 2016

Las Vegas, NV

kB and Evan met in college, they are the kind of friends you aspire to be. Evan lived in Cambodia for years after college, but their friendship never changed. The first time I saw them together after he returned, it was as if they’d never been apart. Cambodia is also where Even met his wife Joleen. She is one hell of a woman. A South African spitfire, self-confident, kind and loving woman.

We flew into Vegas a few days before the wedding and landed just in time to catch the boys making their Bachelor Party rounds. I won’t go into too many details, but I will say we rode in a limo, drank yards of booze, and that there was coconut oil involved.

We definitely all “Vegas’d” as hard as we could, and realized we may not be as young as we once were.

The wedding day opened on a gaggle of hung-over thirty-somethings, contrasted by family members who were responsible enough to go to sleep before sunrise the day before a wedding. The bride was taking as many herbal supplements as she could get her hands on and intermittently napping. The groom was sluggishly running wedding day errands, and the family members from all sides were being the most helpful. These photographers put on our game faces, drank as much water as we could hold and geared up for the day which turned out to be utterly amazing.

The wedding was held at the classic ‘A Little White Wedding Chapel’, in a pink Cadillac, in the drive-thru, surrounded by family and friends. There wasn’t a dry-eye in that gilded, cherub encrusted hall. The reception was held at a classy Italian joint, where speeches of love and luck flowed as freely as the wine.

The night closed with a jaunt over to The Piranha Club, and dancing until 4:00 (maybe 5:00? who can remember) in the morning.

All in all, this trip and those newlyweds gave US an experience of a lifetime. One we will never forget and always look back on with laughter and love.

Cheers to Evan and Jo! We love you guys.


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