Hello! Here’s to new things.

Hello world.

 This is our blog! I am Kaiti, my girlfriend and partner in crime is kristen, commonly known as kB. She’s kind of famous, maybe you’ve heard of her? At least, she seems famous to me. She’s been a photographer in Spokane, WA since 2009 and it seems that everyone knows her name. She’s worked with this person, and shot for that guy and those guys over there? well, she shot their wedding, and their baby’s first birthday. What I’m getting at, is she knows people. I like that about her.

 We became a duo in the fall of 2014.

Milky Way, 2014

We’d known about each other for years, through mutual friends, she was in a band; she’s famous, remember?  This fall night in 2014, she found me hovered over a glass of bourbon at a local bar. I was having a hard time, hence the bourbon. She came over, we chatted, she left for a shoot and then came back to find me in the same spot. We talked, we bar trivia’d, we went home.

Later that week she told me she’d dreamed about watching the stars with me, so we made a star gazing date. The first of many, we now call the inception of our relationship our ‘stargazaversary’. We spent much of that winter driving around, trying to find the best place to take long exposure shots of the Milky Way. Up the mountains, out on the prairie, to the lakes, far out of town we would drive in the dark to find a quiet space to set up her camera. Someplace with interest, someplace where the city wouldn’t bother us. We spent long nights in the cold, listening to podcasts while the car lost its’ warmth to the winter nights.

Those nights set a foundation to our life together. One centered around photography, around being outside, around being together. This time also sparked in me a passion, the same passion I saw in her for the art of photography was one that I felt growing in me.

Live a little, learn a little.

san diego-15.jpg
Me. San Diego, 2015

  As our time together went on, I’d watch her as she took photos. Photos of our trips together, photos of me, photos she was hired to take. She saw my curiosity, answered my questions about what ISO and aperture are, she began teaching me slowly.

 One day, we were together at a concert she was shooting, she handed me one of her cameras and said, “go”. I haven’t stopped since.

 It’s been a long journey, a lot of mistakes on my part, a lot of communication between us; but I am now confident in my skill and my eye. Taught by kristen, inspired by the world around me, I take photos and I like it.

 We take photos together and we like it. 

Michelle & Corey Wedding, the first wedding I second shot on.        Vancouver, 2015

 Since handing me that camera and allowing me into her photography life and brain we have been shooting everything together. Weddings, engagements, babies, friends, music. She usually takes the lead, sometimes I stand back and just watch and learn, or sometimes I become the stylist and add my building blocks to the equations. Sometimes I take the lead and she scouts our next locations. I still like watching her while she works. She goes to a different place, I can tell she sees things differently through that lens. That’s something I’m learning, and loving to learn.

Oh! The places we will go!

 We’ve started this blog to showcase our life and our work together. Some posts will be old photos of kB’s that I love, some will be all mine, but of them all will be all us.

Christmas, 2015

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