Babies, babies, babies everywhere

I won’t lie about or even diminish the fact that I love babies. 

December 26th, kristen and I were at the Coeur d’ Alene Casino playing penny slots and drinking beers. I get a text message from one of my best friends which read, “I’m in Othello and in labor! lol”. My jaw dropped and I started to cry, I was supposed to be there when she had this baby! That was not in the cards for me. Tamerra was in labor for something like 17 hours, but only pushed for 15 minutes after taking a nice, long nap. She made pushing a human out of her uterus sound positively easy!  When she was done, she had a baby girl whom she named Juniper Opal Amethyst. A gem of a name for a gem of a human.

 I got to meet Juniper this week, and was instantly in love. She is a bundle of squishy goodness and funny smells.


Next comes Emery.

Two of my favorite people, Ryan and Amy, have a baby boy named Bridger, he is one year old. He can babble, and walk, and to his parent’s dismay he can climb stairs. I got to meet Bridger when he was a few weeks old. He was the smallest baby I had held in my adult life and I was (obviously) instantly obsessed.

I found out Amy was pregnant with baby number two just a few months ago, a week ago I was told they were having a baby girl, and with a due date of April 10th, I was antsy to meet her! That feeling changed on Super Bowl Sunday when I got a text saying baby girl was coming (by C-Section, right at kick-off). I wasn’t antsy anymore, I wanted to hear that she was going to keep cooking awhile. A few hours later I heard baby girl Emery had been born and was now in the NICU, momma was tired but recovering and healthy.

Emery isn’t even a week old, but I got to meet her today. Her dad snuck me into the NICU and I got to see her in all her tiny, miraculous humanity. She was crying when we came into the room, that sound has never lifted my heart like it did today.

Now, I’m antsy to see her grow. I can’t wait for her brother to meet her. I can’t wait to see this one in a week, a month, a year.



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